Python Pythons

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Beating stones a stony boy hammers his nails.
He is mysterious about doctors and hospitals.
He puts herbal drops and wraps his wounds.
He can’t care bleeding and continues his chores.
He envisages joining school.
He is unaided for education; that supports him?
He stares around and locates a python swallowing a buffalo.
The dreadful scene qualms his existence and he runs away.
His life is as life of buffalo in python’s cavity.
He doesn’t get education as the buffalo doesn’t get a rescue.
He cries for liberation to rid of deficiency, illiteracy and incongruity.
Oppression and neglect ambush him as buffalo by python.
His complexities sway him for rejoining his charge.
He assembles at far-off, where part of day is a day.
Nature is also iniquitous to him as she stands wintry.
Oh fair! Where is humanism and universalism for him?

The new site is his verve, his instruction and his cosmos!
He wrestles with flood and fuming watercourse.
He might dream for his idol endeavors, mightn’t he?
But in vain, he is in sequence of paltry and prejudice.
He resembles communication to his heavenly dwellers.
He supplies the materials to build up the courtyards.
But he is down-and-out and unplaced.
He presupposes the blue over him is his roof.
He presumes his paucity is as like the python.
Python pythons of his adversities are his outrageous veracities.
He weeps; he cries but beats the stones, the rocks.
Shocking wounds slay his lines of palms.
He doesn’t discern who a palmist is!
He ne’er identifies what a kismet is!
He witnesses python of pythons in societies.
He stumbles at myriad giant pythons in his world.

He prays to his power.
Oh, superman! Oh strength! Oh equitable jury!
Where are you?
Would you come to exterminate me?

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