foul language was the common tongue

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foul language was the common tongue
and every shadow shaped
a foreign form of need
darkness had desire
to be extolled above the light
but no words found
gave shadow
and the dark grew bitter
and became lonely
what lay beneath
and out of reach
of dawn and day
the witch unknown
and great with child
behind closed doors
where whispers lie
gave birth in darkness
late at night
a sickly daughter
for shadows wife
fear and darkness
lovers lay
embraced in hollow
sing songs of sorrow
to birds of prey
that curse the moonlight
and the day
and all the while
their laughter grew
a sinister audience
to them drew
those things that light
did not embrace
found kinship in
this woeful place
where fear and darkness
ruled alone
fears sister hatred
placed her throne
and her creatures screamed
their songs of things
better left unsaid
with sharpened teeth
and gnashing dread
a call to order
chaos made
for barren night
and simple shade
to join the ranks
both deep and black
of a burdened army
for light attack

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