Autumn Leaves

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Brown leaves drift? in the wind,
it is autumn again.
We met in the spring and spent that autumn together
never knowing how precious each falling leaf, which with the? days drifted away.
We met in the spring, you died in winter
when the Magnolias were blooming so,
six years ago.
We were together then, now you are gone from me, though you linger in the wind.
Your flame still burns brightly
for it is protected from the wind.

And so I return once again to you, in seeking you
I find myself again,? in this fading dusty world;
Your flame burns brightly also, I remember fleeting looks
how we both skived around some things,
we both knew but did not want to know.
The years have not faded my love
and so I return to you, I seek you
and there I find myself.
Debbie I love you so.

Only the lost dare to dream, so time has faded my memory
still the dream lives on;
We knew though we never knew;
we saw through a glass darkly.
We were not blind;
perhaps we stumbled
but? a part of us both knew.
I know at end you thought of leaving,
by the things you left behind,
some hidden from yourself,
but it was you who showed me where to look
though you were buried weeks ago.

Everything falls away from us, not just the days.
We watch? ourselves decay? and age;
here everything slips away from us;
those we love and cherish are taken from us,
and we know not where they go.

We are left to hide in the shadows
and linger and wonder and dream.
In another spring time that is nowhere,
in another spring time when the sun is high
and we no longer need to run from its sustaining light.

Then how dreams seemed possible, just on the horizon.
The cruel wind blows hard; it blows our dreams away,
like dried leaves they swirl and whisper in the wind.
Long ago when the sun was brighter,
All things crumble and decay, we all do too.
Our dreams drive us on?
as we dash and hide from the sun.

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