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Sugar is so sweet.
He He chooses Sugar
But Sugar will not have her;
Sugar doesn’t like
Fat little children with dimples.
Sugar is so sweet.


Hungry comes to eat.
SupperTime likes Hungry
But ate all the tongues and teeth
For to chew the meat.
SupperTime runs out all in shame.
SupperTime likes Hungry.


SlimHer picks a mouth.
SlimHer likes Big-Lipped This
But goes with That One Sowed Shut.
They’ll soon be good friends
After Dinner steals their children.
SlimHer goes with That One Sowed Shut.


NumbMumble gets born
To be nothing certain
But certain to be nothing:
A certain Nothing,
Fed and sleepy and farting then,
A certain Nothing.


Taste has Here Before.
Taste is mannered in Then
But gendered and pregnant with
Proceeding and Next.
Taste stays still and hates it’s naked
Proceeding and Next.


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