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On the night I met her
she was like a firestorm
burning down the factories
in the cities of her memory.

I was from the ice age,
glaciers moving in my veins,
icicles punching through my skin,
passion a forgotten myth.

But need is need,
the body is a grail ready to be filled with heat.

She lit up a candle
and looked down into my eyes.
I thought I saw a desert land
where she was lost and thirsty.

And she was thirsty,
dying of thirst,
and when she sucked me
it turned me inside out.

When she kissed my neck
she tried to inhale me.
When she scratched my back
she tried to open me up.

When she let me in
she tried to take all of me into her.
Lost at sea I almost drowned,
the whole world was water and salt.

She screamed in my ear and shattered my nerves.
I burst a heart inside of her.
I couldn’t get loose, I couldn’t react.
She flipped me over and melted me down.

Sometime after midnight
when the wind was humming deep,
she started crying
said are you asleep?

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