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The survivors of Auschwitz are dying. Who will tell the dark stories of
Auschwitz and the horrific Holocaust when they have passed on, buried
forever in the barren earth?

Who will return to Auschwitz to bear witness and testify about the
unspeakable evil committed by the Nazis?
Who will speak out?
Who will return?

When all are dead,
who will speak
the truth?

At Treblinka and Sobibor and Belzec, no one survived. Close your eyes
and imagine only train tracks and gas chambers. You travel deep into
the forests, to the death camps nestled within these woods of
eastern Poland, and you face extermination.
Who will speak for you?

Visitors who are not survivors of Auschwitz cannot speak for the dead.
Nor can they bear witness or testify. Yet they can learn about the
mass murder-the incomprehensible evil.

Perhaps, once all the survivors have left the world of humans, only ghosts
will return to Auschwitz. Only ghosts. And they will speak to us.
They will tell the dark stories of Auschwitz and the horrific
Holocaust. But will we hear their mournful voices?

Now, human remains or objects that belonged to the prisoners reveal the
obscene and heinous acts of Hitler’s men. We see almost two tons
of prisoners’ hair behind glass cases. Mounds of hair are piled
high and will decay over time. Shoes are also on display
and staff members struggle to restore tens of thousands
of shabby shoes.

Listen with your soul and you may hear the howling and ululations of the
prisoner-ghosts or learn the secrets of Auschwitz. Just listen with your soul.

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