Dearest Providence

by on May 1, 2010 :: 0 comments

dearest providence
like a bloody nose
dearest providence that no one knows
coat hanger at a cocktail party
propping up the mink like a protean mute
dearest providence
Braille cemeteries applaud you

dearest providence
like a limp cock shower
dearest providence by the hour
beyond the genesis of revelations
you fire your sad carnival
dearest providence
in my bed

dearest providence
my quiet cameo friend
off camera extra of out take obituaries
with glib self-assurance the flesh cogs race
dearest providence
of scaly-armed knowledge
what romance is there left to expound from the excreting legions?
what moments to determine?

Rusted tongue alazon I can’t find your wares
Bergon-Belserina too dusty to dance
varicose rivers that part at the knee
blue-lipped helmsman without a maiden to voyage
and what about the prayers?

the moist towel seminaries?
what about the Sisters of Providence that kneel across the street?
the flag toting journeyman of lonely cinders?
where is the salvation?
meaningful palpitation?
just look the tears that spill for you.

dearest providence
with one eyed closed
a muzzle against the flesh
and still I don’t know.

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