How could I not have seen it?

Wandering, wondering in Braille,
making my point far too obvious,
wanting to see inside of you, through
your eyes, under your skin, entering
every pore, all entryways opening
to my touch; I was too eager, too earnest,
ended up trying way too much.

Licking drip off fingernails, new to the sense
of flavor as education, finding blood not to my liking.
Needling, picking at your bumps and scars,
poking into places better left alone.
In knowing I destroyed the magic, broke
this bubble of happiness, discovering too late

That you cannot taste the rainbow.

Now we stumble along naked alleyways,
leaves and trash blown harsh against our faces,
stranded, stagnant against this rolling tide
the enlightened merely side step blithely.

The blind now leading the blind.

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