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We hang ‘em
across smudged window panes
where the neighbor’s
kids try to peer inside,
as we hide our peccadilloes
from Mr. Jones and Mrs. Smith
across the street
though they’re both probably doin’ it
just like you and me, baby,
but they, too,
don’t want to show
their skin-deep machinations
to the world
for fear TMZ will feature it
on websites or for TV viewers
to SEE
their latest moves
alongside Tiger’s latest transgressions
on and off
the putting greens.

Did I ever tell you
my best friend, Mark,
the really short kid in junior high,
lost his virginity
‘round midnight one summer’s eve
right out for the entire public to witness
on the 18th hole – now that’s a duffer’s delight
better than any birdie or eagle
I ever managed to commemorate
with her intials on my maple bedpost.

So I ask you
why do we mask
our feelings
our animal desires
our fantasies
out of fear that another may laugh
point a finger and gasp?

Madman Mercury
of Queen fame
laid it all
on the line
from pop, glam, psychedelic, blues, progressive
and hard rock
flaunting his musical genius
with tunes of love, lust, lingering desires
and it landed his group as the UK best selling band
even beating out the Beatles
in sales with over 300 million
to screaming fans
even Elvis would be jealous of today.

Of course,
AIDS caught fire in the world
and quickly spread from bathhouses
to bedrooms, ravaging millions
and rendered Freddie’s voice
silent, but it never stopped him
from telling everyone
exactly how he imagined the world
spun round and round
even up until his deathbed
confession – and warning.

If this artist taught me
one thing – and one thing only
through his athletic gyrations,
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
tunes and lyrics
it was this: If one does it
with style
with a person they truly love
there’s no need to close the drapes
until it’s curtains
– for YOU.

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