Your Way

by March 30, 2010 0 comments

It’s not about
who you know
it’s about how you
walk into a room
and how you say,
“That’s me!”
when your name
is called
it’s how you
step forward
like a future star
on a chorus line
on a broadway
and then
when the spotlight
shoots down
and it’s your turn
to shine
it’s how you
don’t shy away
like Frank Sinatra
never did
when he sang
my way
because you
have learned
to love the
that is you
and even if
your life is
more karaoke
the great white way
you still
have to give
it all you’ve got
because though
we may be
just a few
drunk friends
or ten thousand
you really
need us
to love you
all the way

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