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Wow eyes! What a grand a visualization you have.
My heart shudders from you.
Eye lashes boogie around you.
Lips smirk on you.
What supremacy is on you!
The global is perceptible.
The indistinguishable is foreseen.
Everything is unclothed on you.
Exquisiteness is with you.
Dreadful is with you.
Why do you have color?
Some are black,
Some are blue,
Some are many and diverse..
I know you are one, but you’re countless too.
You see similar and disconnected.
You are prejudice.
You are candid.
You are gluttonous.
You are kind.
I don’t know what you are!
You are in harmony.
You are in hostilities.
You are in brutality.
You are in forgiveness.
You are universal.
You are still.
You are antagonistic.
I’m confused where you are.
Why aren’t you unique in humanism?
You fashion clash.
You origin terror.
You broaden friendship.
You break out fideism.
You magnetize and deter others.
I think you are to be matching in all.

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