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Before Creation, Hashem, my G-d, contracted.
I do not understand how.

Before Creation, Hashem, my G-d, concealed
Himself. I do not understand why.

My Creator is beyond Time and Space. And yet
He created the universe by contracting into
No Space.

My Creator is unknowable and yet I crave to be
close to Him-the Holy Presence who permeates
all life, hidden in all that is.

Before Creation, He shrank into No Space,
making room for the universe.

Before Creation, He withdrew into No Space,
allowing the universe to come into being, and
creating space for good and evil.

Inside the Void, the empty space that G-d created
by the mystical process of tzimtzum, a residue of
the Creator remained, the reshimu of Hashem.

Inside the Void, the empty space that Hashem
created, the universe would exist, with
the Holy Presence hidden and concealed.

Thus, Hashem, my G-d, contracted, shrank,
withdrew, and concealed Himself in the
incomprehensible process of tzimtzum.

It remains a holy mystery, almost as mysterious
as Hashem, my unknowable G-d, who hides in
the flowing universe, revealing sacred truths to
all who search the Void.

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