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An old man remembers the Jewish ghettos in
Vienna and throughout Austria and Germany,
on November 9/10 1938,

Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass
(Crystal Night), when the Nazis smashed
store windows and shattered bodies and

At night, he lies in bed for hours, and when he
sleeps, he falls into an abyss of savage moments.
Inside the secret caverns of his mind, he travels
through a dark labyrinth of trauma and he listens
to the beating and fluttering of night wings.

What are these strange creatures that surround him?

Suddenly, he sees a small sphere of light in the
distance. When the light expands, a blue butterfly
miraculously appears. The old man wakes up, sees
a gold sun rising, and a blue butterfly fluttering on
the windowsill.

“Where do you come from?” he whispers. “You are
beautiful, my friend. Even the evil deeds of men
cannot erase your grandeur.”

The old man gazes at the blue butterfly that soothes
his shattered soul, and he falls asleep again, dreaming
beautiful dreams at last, even after Kristallnacht and
the Holocaust.

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