If the Rest of You Weren’t such Whiny Pussys I wouldn’t have to write this shit.

by February 13, 2010 0 comments

Being a poet is something
you’re born to at the genetic level
Like gender either you’re born a cunt
or you’re a dick with a pair of balls.
Although there are rumors unconfirmed
of a one nut poet. Regardless, most people
who write poetry weren’t born to it.
they’re literary transsexuals. But,
whacking off a mans cock
and balls has never made him a woman.
No matter how large the breast implants.
and surgically attaching a dildo
to a woman’s crotch ain’t ever going
to make her a man. no matter
how clever the illusion. The doctors,
nurses and mid-wives pull you out
of that stretched out cunt of your mothers
look between your legs at your equipment
then announce to the parents as she cuts
the umbilical cord.
it’s a boy.
it’s a girl.
it’s a poet.
and that’s when the fathers cry.
It’s in the blood. It’s in the DNA.
You’re either born with the write
equipment or you’re not.

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