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kid goes off to school as a matter of habit not knowing his luck
the sum is greater than the parts and one kid in the heart sure is
greater than the hole that is left without one the nuthatch is not a
woodpecker ah so much to learn! it is only a mirror and not the
real thing but it might as well be after the hurricane the air was a
hard blue and the sky is brand new everything changes nothing is
ever always forever and so it is the end of the world every single
goddam day bluegrass in the park “I washed my hands in muddy
water but they didn’t come clean” living in Turkey abandoned by
her husband she still has her kids but still lucky to be strong aura
of American has a fighting chance someday long slow mountains
move under the sheets as she whispers my heart is a bubble sun
came up again so thank God for big favors and small favors too
love is knot but love is surely the last instinct a direct connection
hummingbird and hawk both together in my back yard I’m surely
blessed neat perfect deliberate in hunger a dividing line between
land and sky can be not so clear no a hard lesson learned don’t
you take your back for granted if Joshua Chamberlain had gone
to the Point we’d’ve lost the War Jeb Stuart was too fast for his
own good he outran them all but too late high tide at Gettysburg
which when taken at the flood led on to cert doom it wasn’t right
or wrong it wasn’t about justice it was just business a five string
banjo and an old Gibson guitar is a time machine I saw her again
last night and she was a dream so what did I see are those pearls
or tears which is worth more but I just can’t see clearly anymore

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