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dirty unkempt
and with crazy eyes
cars lock their own doors
as i pass by
just a
hungover hummingbird
in search of a cigarette
i flit
from ashtray to ashtray
outside of cafes
collecting the better
once lit discarded bits
in a Camel filters box
that i found and saved for this
then on to mark
the map of the day
with small treasures
discovered ‘neath
hasty drive-thru windows
and dodging cars and comments
of ill-intent
i head to the nearest supermarket
and trade my booty
for cheap deli meat

it’s 9:30 am
and feeling full and righteous
i think that i might just
catch a nap
and on my way
to find a place to lay
my head is when
i run smack
in to that
the one whose name is
i forget
and who really cares
he’s the one
who’s always slobbering drunk
and laughing
like a son of a bitch
as he stares
right in to the sun
his arm held out shaking
a bottle of KD at me
he says
get ya A pull a That
and sure as a bet
i take the bottle
swipe the lip
and get a good
long pull off it
and damn
but it tastes like
well you know
it’s really crap
but it does quench my thirst
a tad
i aint arguin that
and i hand it back
he replaces the cap
and shoves the bottle
in his pocket
and wanders away
right in to the sun
friendly curses
at everyone
no one

it’s 10:30 am
and this day
has just begun

and i guess i’ll
scratch that nap
’cause now i’m thinkin
bout the beers on tap
at that bar that
i’m pretty damned
sure i was at
last night
and i got .30 cents left
in my pocket
and a sudden limp
i’m holding a sign
and i’m standin
in the middle of the road
when this guy
in a mercedes
rolls down the window
hands me a twenty
he says
don’t go blowin that
on food
or nothin
and i just laugh
like i’m crazy
and yeah cause i’m lazy
i ditch the sign
lose the limp
and run off
up the hill
and into the wind

it’s 11 am
and sure as sin
this day
aint even
to begin.

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