Keeping Austin Weird

by January 31, 2010 0 comments

Late last year
While walking down 6th Street

Sight seeing like a tourist
mingling among all the
Intoxicated College Kids
White Haired Retirees
all the Honky Tonk, Rock ‘N’ Bars
and Neon Lights

I met a Tattoo Voodoo Woman
Wearing Mid Thigh High Heeled
Black Leather Boots
Short Skirt and Top

Her dread locked
Gothic Hair was long
A Youthful 5’ and 9” Tall
Hot and Exotic

She was out on the sidewalk
taking her little taco bell dog
for a walk

What caught
my roaming eye
was the Dragon Tat
that Swirled up
her inner thigh
beneath her skirt
and reappeared
around her navel
then it moved
up her mid drift
and torso to
her left shoulder
where it crossed over
her neck and out
from under the
left ear and
and onto her face

Her face!
a greek goddess!
with an alien
not of this world

As if she heard me thinking
she turned and looked
straight into me
Soul Gazed Me
with a spell
of some kind . . .

. . . the rest of this tale?
is locked away – right here
Here in a file entitled

PRIVATE, None of
your business

But I can, I can
tell this much . . .

. . . I did my part
to keep Austin
Weird under
these dubious stars

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