Inner Child

by January 6, 2010 0 comments

you got a lousy rainbow
so what
sure as bad weather
there will be another
and your chariot
busted down
and never swung
low to carry you home
stop hanging on
to threads
leading to kites
in lightning clouds
you didn’t
discover eccentricity
nobody your age
should still be pulling
a red wagon
filled with flyaway weeds
dandelion dreams
stop trying to be
the Pied Piper
of the Peter Pan principal
as dragons
drag you down
through dungeons
of despair
when will
you grow
up and discover
that tree growing
in Brooklyn
and that
secret Garden
State highway
to adulthood
where like
Robin Hood
you can steal
from the richness
of your childhood
to give to
your poor
attempt at

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