Black on White

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black on white, white on black;
I too am a liar

but I always tell the truth;
though some lies reverse to become? truth;

this is the secret of words, so precious few realize,
to be not to be,
to lie and tell the truth,
to sit within the mist of illusion
but not tell lies,

Words are precious things, they rule us but we also rule them;
but to rule is? to submit to them,

to lie is to tell the truth, it just is how it is with them.

To hide, to seek, to tread? a white, dusty path; I do not know.
To give all to nothingness,
to know that is your birthright.
I do not know;
reflections of ourselves is all we know; reflections of reflections we get lost in this mirrored maze;

I do not know but grope for the direction,
reflections of reflections;
I am no teacher, I am but a student, a student of the self; my heart, my Art.

Without this refection of nothingness,
I fade into the night,
the darkness,
I struggle, I cry, I fear;
I am like you, we all do;
but there is nothing to fear;

Truth is simple?,
the only truth, the universal truth, the one truth that lays the foundation for all others is this :

We fade, we shimmer though we wished we could burn like the sun, for eons;
we cannot but be a falling star,
a flash in the night,
we must surrender everything to darkness
for without it
we are but shadows that float in the night,

shadows cast by the light.

We all fade, some shimmer.
Life does pass in? a flash
and we move from dark to dark;
Without the night, there can be no light,
we are stretched between the light and dark
with nowhere to hide, we must accept our plight.

We fade at sunrise;
shadows, we linger only in the night;
and must run from daylight.

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