Seven 9/11’s (9/11 9/11…)

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34 Miles
squeezed from a quarter
of a Mitsubishi’s fuel-tank
from grey sun to no moon
for you and me: two Kamikazes

the road’s as flat as my cell’s
xxxxxreception; the hills sleep
xxxxxas lumps under sheets.

Our tragedy can be NO
less than irony—today is
xxxxxStone to Ash September.

It’s raining sideways, but the
sky’s not on fire…

wipers work too slow; they
don’t whisk away the terror

you call my name—like a murder
is called out in a crowd. I call it
as clouds flick at clueless trees
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxwith yellow finger tips.
the rain’s getting worse here
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxwe do pass a dead deer; it lets
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe rain roll right off its back.

it’s not us—it’s today
and this goddamn rain
at least
xxxxxthere’s no city to see
xxxxxcollapse—catch glass
xxxxxwith our lips; see City Sky
xxxxxRain fathers and mothers.

A few more miles are squeezed out
xxxxxas my name rings out to
xxxxxthe hill’s: earth’s elbows and
xxxxxas no ring slips on her finger

for seven Years
earth’s shoulders shrugged
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxand only cared about
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe occasional cloud

they carry on as
Mitsubishi Kamikazes and
other immortal tragedies

we check service bars, beg God,
and scream as we’re riddled
with rain spats on windshields
that don’t stop

for 7 Years
34 Miles or

“A Moment
of Silence”

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