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Petals falling on the glassy surface,
picked one by one,
illusions sinking fast,
the weight of fact upon them

(the truth be, the truth be not…)

Words are only lies
if the real is hidden
behind a dance of veils.

(spin, doctor, spin)

Take that head off the platter,
it makes for a bitter dish
and eyes are better used to see.

Tongues are rather used for speaking
out when all are mouthing platitudes
meant to silence all adversaries,
but used as a rallying cry
for those well tired of bullshit.

Opiates are mirrors and mist
religion the final destination
of those too lazy to find the answers,
dogma being the pet of the masses
who gladly eat what’s fed them.

If you need a hero, be one yourself,
walk hand in hand with your own two hands,
and pledge your love to you.
It will be a match made on Earth
that lasts through the eternities.

(you may now kiss the mirror)

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