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Don’t know
what will come of all these
things, don’t know
pinwheel. I am
and silent,
I do not radiate solitude
or stand still.
My tongue melts
and I am at liberty
to speak.
No one can say no
to this,
nowhere to stand
that you cannot hear me
I will not be painted,
by preconceptions or be subject
to textbooks,
no applause is necessary
to do with anything.

Your beloved expectation
makes me feel as though
I must force flame from my tongue
and fingertips.

Give me my room to myself
where I can be alone
next to the candle.
Bouncing a blue rubber ball
to waist height
and standing
what I can’t stand
or stand up to,
deep inside the universe
there is something
that does not go away
and cannot be distinguished
or extinguished.

Uncertainty, insincerity,
decoupling, lack of
purpose, subtle belonging,
quite traffic quiet jealousy,
and purple hatred.
Song that I cannot sing,
universe of what is not,
come to me dearly and kiss me,

tell me you love me.

The universe is not too much left of me.


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