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High on school;
a bad acid trip
made worse by monotony,
endless repetition
of useless facts
to kill the days
til they dressed you up,
kicked you out,
un caged,
ready to fire.

(Rah rah ree)

Kick up those skirts

(I’m not wearing underwear)

The nerds are salivating
the jocks gesticulating
the stoners oblivious
the Goths indigenous
black and invisible
laughing at the whores
smoking in the bathroom (girl’s bathroom)
boy’s bathrooms for cheerleaders
blow job foreplay
before play
mud under the bleachers.

And I comatose
learning by osmosis
the time of my life
til the end of my sentence,
give me my diploma
a pat on my ample ass
gas in the Pinto
putting full speed
into real.

The only good thing
about that institution
was finally leaving
and finally learning

(Life is not a High School)

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