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I heard you were searching for darkness.
Come with me and I’ll lead the way
past shining manakins with plasticine skin
who grin and preen in the deepening gloom.
Blow out that infernal candle,
it will not be needed in this room.

I will ponder your poisons,
powerful potions to bring on forget,
the hair of the dog, the bite of the widow
numb warmth infusion erasing regret,
replaced with tunnel vision,
blinders on the Rider’s horse.

I will send a sharp retort,
a strop to hone it to a lethal point,
a view of a blue vein,
a slice for a life,
a drop upon a brittle lip
to seal that waxy crest, a missive’s end.

And I will send you my nightmares
as I have so much to spare
renting my restlessness night for night
the punishment you seek within your sight,
for I have packed my phantoms in a velvet bag,
and left it here for you with lock and key.

The night holds no more mystery for me,
so many years I walked along this path
now coming lastly to this precious fork
I choose the way that’s lit with colors true,
and leave my ghostly memories with you
who are more skilled at courting tragedy.

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