caint find the car

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I’m just sittin at the bar
cause i cannot find the car
did i even drive it here?
bartender please another beer
well maybe i drove the truck
yeah i think i’ll go and look
to see if it is there
bartender please another beer…

Well i was in a hurry
to get to the grocery
to buy the things you’d sent me there to buy
but they were divested
of all the things that you requested
and so i was a headed to the other spot
but when i got outside
into the parking lot
our little car was there
but now it’s not.

well i’m guessin it was tookin
so i got the cops a lookin
and though a rather shookin
it was then that i had this thought occur to me

well if i was that little car
where in the world would i be
so i headed hurriedly
to the bar to go and see
if our little car had made it there.

but gosh darned my luck
it really isn’t fair
of course the car it wasn’t there
and then i was just standin there
worried and wonderin hard on what to do.

and though it was just at first
i drank a beer to quench my thirst
i believe it was to calm my fears
that i drank the next two beers
cause i was just sittin there
too scared to try or even dare
call you up to tell you what was what.

and so i looked
high and wide
but our little car
i ne’er did find
and though the cops
looked all around
our little car
they never found
it was getting late
they had given up…
but then i bet you caint guess what…

well it was then that Johnny noticed
the Chevy truck that he had sold us
was just sittin there in the grocery parking lot.

well lo and behold em
our car it was not stolen
in fact it was the truck
i’d driven there.

bartender please another beer

and so the cops they had
their little laugh
and bought me another draft
and then theys told me
eyes too drunk to drive

and just as sure as i have
never lied
i’d knowed you’d want me
home alive
and so it was
just to be safe
that it was
that little waif
of a cocktail waitress drove me here.

bartender please another beer.

Well, thanks for lettin me try it
but do you think my wife will buy it?
please tell me now
be sincere…
and hell
i’ll buy you another beer…

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