3 times

by November 4, 2009 0 comments

I made her happy today

yet I know nothing of love

is love a conjunction a cataract a corollary
a crease
a circumference

if a conjunction, where does it join, what joins, what fastenments required

is it an illusion fueled by convention, by want … an evolution refining

could it be storytelling … a specialized fiction

a leap of faith
a frisky fetish event, an entertainment

is it a failing an achievement
a trophy
a form of self-abuse

is it a salutation, a sunrise, or an

a forfeiture

an inseam

a surcease an eruption a cavalry a stampede a mustang bathing in a pond of absinthe
a wreck a reconstitution an obeisance

a dramatic supersession

a pair of wet galoshes

a gulag

7 days in a week
times 3
I’ll go with that

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