There has never been peace on Earth

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there has always been sun
rain, wind
and storms

as long as I can remember.
There has never been a better time
because there has never been peace
on Earth.
Simpleminded men make war
and sell bad things
into sainthood,
painting pixels
and settling scores
warriors make sun
yield dividends
run through mountains
naked. Don’t
drink the sun
as it is.
There has never been peace on Earth.
Heaven was human.

The Earth is an ancient battleground
of moaning sirens
and horns that scream,
devour everything
between the two
worlds and make minds
explode, painting
the world with hideous violence
on rainy villages that like to get stoned.
Paper buckets catch blood
and fever burns trees.
Poisons are complicated
and designed before
medicine or tools.
What is this drive
that has made teardrops
of matter that is aggressive and cold?
teardrops are made of beauty
and death both—
the two of three are related.
The third is the societal norm
which has no teardrops
there has never been peace on Earth.

I myself am peaceful
I am a hunter
I am peaceful.
My father said
two things that you can never tell people
is that your are humble
or you are honest,
and if someone says that to you
it means you shouldn’t trust them.
This face
is a mask
with spirit that moves liquid
slightly that is not transparent
and was NOT made
to stand before peace.

Now I hear songbells
from the Church
that marches children
into the desert
with an axe to grind
against a heavy stone
that does not exist.

There was a kettle bell that contained lightning
that draws things into being
from nonexistence,
such as insects
that make orchestra
and moan for being
and not being,
whatever comes and goes
wailing and moaning
like mothers

xxxthrough the darkness
open of nonexisting
bright purple fireflies
upon black nothing.

(two fingers)

(9.14.09, 9.18.09)

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