The Whozit Who Knewszit

by September 4, 2009 0 comments

The Whozit’s who knewzit don’t knowz it no more.
The Theyzit’s have done it and stolen the door.
The Themzit’s have moved Therezit’s to some faraway shore
while the Wezit’s can see it when knocked to the floor.

The secret for Wezit’s written on walls
penned by the Whozit’s who wants justice for all.
The Theyzit’s and Themzit’s never heed to the calls.
The Wezit’s sit patiently as the walls start to fall.

The door, you see, that the Theyzit’s have stolen
sits closer to Wezit’s the more that they’re growing.
For the Wezit’s and Uszit’s must bridge Therezit’s door.
If not, the Whozit’s who knewzit will knowz it no more
‘cos the Theyzit’s will take it and destroy it for sure.

The click-clock tick-tock mocks as the Uszit’s chase time,
the Wezit’s find keys to mold into rhymes.
Amazing things these Wezit’s ‘n’ Uszit’s will find
while crawling and clawing and gnawing their minds.

And the secret, it gets closer
and the shore, it grows nearer
and the route, it is clearer
and the time, it is dearer
and never ever ever fearer
the Super Wezit’s’ n’ Uszit’s are right over herer
to welcome new days!

As for the Theyzit’s and the Themzit’s?

Well they’d bestest fly away.

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