The ABC’s of Bestiality

by on September 25, 2009 :: 0 comments

the modem screeches as it’s a sky of starved seagulls

the messy affair grunts in a static 15 inch smutty bulb

disclaimer free; what I see affects me like the
ABC’s, descended testicles, and a dear friend’s death note…
a beast and a beauty:
my first cunt—and it’s biting on a horse cock.

stills Stall as slow as The Lord’s tomorrow; nays & nees
arrived in a flash faster than a humming birds feathers.

Time hasn’t stuttered but the still figures stain and sing with the sound
and song of a million decibel heaven aimed Muslim prayers

swept with mouse and click of key and I am not an innocent me

but peeking
through the glorious keyhole glory hole they’re stalled—
in Stills

the cock and cunt captures will never culminate


I spurt in spoilt soil: her, that horse, all that hay

all I can ever sew will only grow
from that soil and that

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