On A Rainy Summers Day

by September 7, 2009 0 comments

I sit here at this table
A stranger amongst strangers
Outside it is raining.
The rain brings to mind other times
When I sat writing
Attempting to define this phantom
That haunts me.

Looking up
I watch the world
Float by before my eyes.
The past is no more
The future yet to be
I have only this moment
This dying present
That lingers
Between nothing and nothing

I place each word along side another
Treading out this path
That can lead nowhere
I struggle with words and their meanings
Wanting to catch this non-existence
That is the flow of my life
A caged tiger
Caught in the confines of language
I pace each line away.

The sky is reflected on the wet path
My being is mirrored by the world,
Reflections of reflections
Leave me stranded between darkness and darkness;
Lost in this world of shadows
My being is extended outwards.
Each fluid second withers away
Leaving me stranded between a non-existent future
A long lost past.

Each dashing second
Brings to me
This emptiness
That lingers through out my being.
We exist for but a short time
Before we are sent down
To where we do not know;
I sit here
Looking for meaning in this existence

Alone I sit here
Better not to have been born
Than to live through this emptiness
That is in my heart.
I am left stranded in this place
That I do not know
The path mirrors the sky
Trees reach towards an empty heaven
Still I am left in darkness.

I walk outside
The leaves of plants
Reach out
Lovingly they hold out their leaves
The rain caresses them softly.
Amongst discarded cigarette butts
And other objects thrown away unthinkingly
They sit expecting nothing
Lingering in this moment
They do not need a reason to be.

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