Matter of Perspective

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Dali’s genius
– was it madness
– eccentricity
– simply a need
for attention
from his admiring public
instead of fellow artists?
who you

In form,
led to surrealism
capturing his notions
of the ordinary and extra
into visions of suspended animation.
Persistence of Memory
tick tocks time’s fluidity
a theory
both he and Einstein
held close
until Heisenberg,
quantum mechanics,
brought about his/its disintegration
leading to
holographic, optical illusions
in Dali Atomicus.

For symbolism,
the animal kingdom
played a role
– lobsters, rhinoceros
– elephants and felines,
– even ants and snails,
in life’s cyclical play
birth and re-birth
the sensual
the sexual and ultimately
unshackled mortal coil.

Science and religion
played their parts too,
but in politics
anarchism and communism
were his choices
but he never stood still
or took a stance
when the cannons roared
in France, Spain
as Mussolini and Hitler
ruled with iron fists
or the US of A
dropped bombs
on Hiroshima

Instead he painted,
and when asked
if he took mind altering substances
proclaimed himself
the drug.

Was Salvador mostly
an uncouth, ungrateful son
who once gave his father
a condom filled with his essence
as payment in full
to settle an argument
over his mother’s life
or was he
the artist
who drew like a madman
over 1,500 paintings, illustrations
created jewelry of world renown
and worked for Walt Disney
as an animator?

Visit his home
a museum
in Catalonia, Spain
sneak a sit
in the Mae West Lips Sofa
or gaze upwards in the courtyard
to the suspended gondola
that cries blue tears
over of his wife’s death
and decide
whether his works
moves you
to tears
or disgust…

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