Hallelujah – I’m a Bum

by on September 12, 2009 :: 0 comments

…or soon to be.

Job – terminated within the month.

Wife and baby – leaving for airport terminal tomorrow.

Heart – terminally broken from years of disappointment.

I wonder…
will I meet all the people
I pissed on and off
on the way down
the career ladder
to throne of greed
in the corporate sky?

At least I’ll be with
my own kind (they say)
the disenfranchised
lovable losers
and not so adorable ones
sleeping behind bushes
near mall restaurants
hoping to nab a half-eaten Egg McMuffin
to choke down
with the Boone’s Farm eye opener.

There’s only two problems
with that scenario:
I can’t stand fast food
and I don’t dumpster dive.

Is it too late
to find GOD
or would the preacher man simply say,
“Hallelujah – you’re a bum”?

But I’m not
– yet –
am I?

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