Sunday blues

by on August 14, 2009 :: 0 comments

The alarm of the clock is killing the insomnia
Turning this new day into motionless pain
Coffee milk and cigarettes as the TV is showing
Nothing at all of the present or the future
The sun is climbing the sky behind the shades
Fighting back the lovely night’s melancholia
Stirring and sipping and drinking as the pages
Of the newspaper shows me that there is no war
Or peace that we’re longing for all our lives
The world is still incomprehensible
And it will remain like that
As the next M.M or A.N.S or M.J is dying
On the first pages in every household
Feeding the hungry souls with stupidity
As the books of Tolstoy, Kafka and Celine
Keep collecting dust on the library shelves
And all the lovers in the world run away
With unfaithful women to wake up
In the morning forgotten and cold
As the only sound in the universe is this
String without soul.

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