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When he is right
you could not have
a better son.
He helps me with
his father, who
is old and frail.
He helps me in
the kitchen, with
the dishes and
preparing meals.
With my age I
cannot do too
much anymore
and I rely
on him to help
with things around
the house.  I don’t
know what happened
to him.  He was
fine and then he
was not.  I think
he stopped taking
his medicine.
Someone he cared
about just died.
His girlfriend broke
up with him.  I
don’t know what caused
him to lose his
senses.  Since he
has been in the
hospital, he
seems much better.
He is the same
son that was kind
and helpful in
the house.  When do
you think I could
take him home?  If
he has to stay
longer, I will
abide by your
decision.  But
he wants to come
home and I have
no problem with
taking him home.

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