The Making of a Best Poem

by on July 9, 2009 :: 0 comments
  1. A: a worthy arrangement of worthless words
    B: a public print-out of private puzzles
    C: a rational repetition of random ravings
  2. A: mailed from a good address, better school-associated
    B: including a good bionote, better award-winning
    C: signed with a good name, better recognizable
  3. A: received by a well-circulated magazine
    B: read by a well-connected editor
    C: recommended by a well-established publisher
  4. A: the magazine is in the right need
    B: the editor is in the right mood
    C: the publisher is of the right kind
  5. A: published in the perfect year
    B: included in the perfect section
    C: presented on the perfect page
  6. A: selected by a poetry lord, somehow intrigued
    B: voted by an expert reader, somehow over-reading
    C: chosen by a guest editor, somehow idiosyncratic

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