Summer Wardrobe

by July 30, 2009 0 comments

i get wild flashes of the night
you said these delicate things
palm pressed on cheek
flittering victorian eyelashes
and such
our asphalt playground steaming with
ground up shoelaces
too long jeans
and bent over ankles

no one can hold a light to the misery
and still
i get wild flashes of the night
momentary lapses of a
cinematic quality
elongated shadows
and dramatic strings
bad storyline and all

it seems to always happen in

i guess i don’t match
your seasonal wardrobe.

for months you pour over fashion magazines,
the upcoming seasons best in your view
and you tell me about your new shoes
open toe
nail color coordinating

and the phone doesn’t ring as much
and plans fall thru

(why do the same boring thing
while wearing something new?)

i get wild flashes of the night
that night
when it cut so deep
the crimson red
outdid your lipstain
and when it really hurt
but for now
your shallow
predictable ways
come with the seasons

leaving the outcasts
and alone.

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