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The neighbor’s dog jumps the fence,
then shits in our yard.

Delphi shovels it up with feet set
in a wide stance.

The grass, wet with dew, with rain,
dampens Delphi’s shoes.

She writes notes and places them
in the neighbor’s mail box

as he refuses to open the door
to speak with her.

She makes friends with the beast
of a dog

so being in the yard does not
cause her fear.

Delphi scratches the dog on the belly,
behind the ears,

provides him treats, eventually
a bandana.

The dog still shits in our yard,
but refuses, now, to jump the fence,

sleeps on the old mat by our back door,
eats from a brand new bowl,

growls in such violence at the man
whose yard use to restrain him

that the man backs away
and drops his claim of ownership.

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