Heart Code (···· · ·— ·—· — | —·—· ——— —·· ·)

I’m going to re-write my language
emotions channeled into four chambers
Animal instinct lives inside of me
and so my signals fire-fly
mark my heart code
burn these rhythms

h · · · ·
e ·
a · —
r · — ·
t —

emotionally translated:

“di di di dit di di dah di dah dit dah”

beyond the sound lies
my Mayan murmur
72 beats at hint of sun
forming snake shadows
I sacrifice heart
staked at the tip of life’s pyramids
crawling, I go

s · · ·
n — ·
a · —
k — · —
e ·

sensitively spoken:

“di di dit dah di di dah dah di dah dit”

There’s no reason to placate my four walls
only your electric pulses will do
this language a telegraph wire
coding these I love you’s
can you hear it?
even the shadows speak
shedding into another season
slithering in war bought oil
my snake heart

© Rafael Andrade Garza, June 14, 2009

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