God Likes It When I’m Humble

by on July 18, 2009 :: 0 comments

I am slipping, man
I am losing confidence
I am questioning the reasons
I am unsure
I wonder what I’m working towards
I wonder what I’ve forgot

I am dying in Austin
This perverse illussion
This perfect town

Hold me by my rattail, momma
Hold me back
Hold me to my word, momma

These people here
Acting like people
Scare me

I am not like them
I am exactly like them
I thought I was special
They are better than me
I am nothing
I have no ego

I am jealous, though
Of how much ego you
Don’t have

Turn me sideways
Turn me round

Maybe I can write a poem
Maybe I am lying

Help me, brotha
I am dying

Help me I don’t know


I am not that far away

I am losing traction

I am slipping, man

I’ve heard the noise before
Statue Liberty
I’ve pressed enough buttons
I pressed more buttons
I’ve changed the way I talk
To people
I’ve changed the way I talk
To dogs

I hear noise
I hear the bird Kaw
Pressing buttons Aggghhhhh
Pressing more buttons
I change the way I
I change the way I

I try to understand

I fall short

I am proud of my effort

I am proud of myself

I am proud of my brother

I am trying very hard

I am lying to myself
I am a good liar

I am a good person
I am a good thing
I am good
I am nothing
I am neither
I am curious
I am willing
I am nothing
I am sure
I am uneasy
I am not dead

(but… when I am)
Bury me with my Puma’s
God loves me
When I’m

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