Design Flaws

Something in the machinery
doesn’t conform
to factory specs;
isn’t feasible,
logistics are impossible.

Something in the eyes
makes water flow
at quickest sign
of pain
or sadness,
out of whack;
burning with anger,
with indifference.

Chassis that rust
interior bleeds,
engines pumping
with faulty valves,
skipping beats
in fits of passion,
racing through
the midnight darkness.

Computer brains
that crash
and re-boot
at awkward times;
a data dump
fragmented info
slipping discs
of virus logic.

The Boss misread
the original blueprints;
engineers caught
cutting corners,
projects going over-budget
with universal kick-backs.

Layers on layers,
in higher echelons
handed down
to middle levels
where mindless flunkies
hand pink slips
to fallen angels.

Product lives on,
mass produced mayhem
assembly lined
with inbred errors
bit by bit
and sent back,
Gerry rigged
and chugging gamely.

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