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there’s a hole in my heart the depth of the deepest crater on the densest
planet in the furthest galaxy
so it’s no wonder your submarine built with screen doors and windows
shattered into tiny little pieces long before-
-reaching my final destination (good riddance)
like that girl i watched swish around dark emotions in that head of
hers like battling skipping stones
’til those ripples turned into waves and those waves were given
titles too bold to be ignored
round and round she thought herself into a whirlpool and got sucked
down in that shit
but at the bottom of her o-she’s-manic trip to 5000 leagues under the she
that girl found a scuba mask and an oxygen tank to help her breathe
again and see thru her emotions
realizing slowly coping skills like ah that’s ah her ah cane
for her mental, i tried to tell her upon witnessing her initial floundering
seeing a little piece of this fish in her like cheap california rolls
i wasn’t surprised by her resistant look i mean growing gills looks
fishy on the surface
but when u get past the layers of scales a survival mechanism is a
survival mechanism sink or swim
i couldn’t force her but i was happy to see her using those fins when
she finally swam around
but i’ve gotten off point like a constipated pessimist told to shit or
get off the pot (fuck it)
cuz if u had scales and fins you would be a bitch fish bottom feeding with a
school of followers
too afraid to venture off solo, u must stay in the sea cuz damn boy u
look salty right now
and if i had a pussy i’d use it too hide my obvious disapproval of your false
hoods…and to procure goods and services
but i don’t i let it all hang out i wear my emotions on my crotch and
no i wont put pants on
i’m comfortable with mine and frankly i don’t have the time or the energy
to offer an ear to your opinions anymore
i know you’re not at peace with yours like you had your middle and index
fingers removed on both hands
so stop repeating the second letter in the word fake like AAA wait up
i did i drew a line in the sand put it in a glass cone connected it to
another glass cone and watched it drain to nothing
your time is up….i wish it wasn’t, but wishing is like praying and
praying is like masturbation
fun and lacking in meaning beyond playing with yourself….and coming
but you never came you remained so i’m sorry…repeating the second digit in
that word like o o o my god i’m sorry
but it is what it is
if you were a bird you would be a penguin cursing an empty sky
cuz i’ve flown away…way away…
away like a possible conclusive action to a problem
i’d love to look back but dammit man i’m mid fast pace in a full fledged
race with myself
at a full fledged sprint adding a v to the horizon …can you hear me now
i’m leaving my mark on the distance claiming it as mine…i don’t got a flag
but if that’s all i need to take the separation from you then i’ll smear
blood sweat and tears on fabric and wear it like joseph and his
dream coat
or jesus and his blue eyes and blond beard (falsely)
and be happy oh i’ll be so fucking happy that my mood will infect
passers-by like leaking laughing gas
ha-ha-happy until my smile tears off of my face stretches round the
globe and meets itself in china
all 5 billion some odd humans on this spinning ball of dim yesterdays
and boiling point tomorrows will know how fucking happy i am
bliss isn’t a strong enough word, i’ll be that joyful dope – i mean my
brain will be filled with it
overtaken and made into a newer version of itself like the spanish
molestation of the african and indian women creating latinos
i know you’re probably more lost than a polish astronaut riding thru space
on a schwinn in green sox and orange open-toed sandals
but that’s how i am a mile a minute as low as i can pass off till you
get the drill
cuz i’m deeper than a transcendental acid freak
studying the ways of zen in new orleans
and god dammit i’ll dig my own grave with a tea spoon if i feel like it

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