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Quietly, insidiously, the virus spreads across the urban landscape,
assaulting humans everywhere.

The secret killer flows furiously through the crowded streets, in the
small, enclosed offices of claustrophobic workers, and into the
home, wantonly attacking those who live there, dumb creatures
unaware of the lethal onslaught

Even after the urban virus has penetrated human flesh and bones,
insinuating itself into the bloodstream and brain, human victims are
oblivious of the silent massacre, the stealthy slaughter of the human

Only love can obliterate hatred, the urban virus that spreads via
emotional contagion. Without this cure, one day the human race
will cease to exist. And the final act of destruction may come
soon, fueled by an urban virus that destroys our minds and souls

first, before annihilation, leaving behind the barren earth without
humans, and death-soaked dust, and beasts that roam the bleak,
surreal dreamscape.

Like a tight noose, the hidden but familiar virus viciously grips
our wounded souls.

Shall we submit to its contagious venom? Or shall we stop the
flow now, confessing to ourselves that hatred hides in the caves
of our private thoughts and emotions, nowhere else. Only then
can we wrestle with it, and cannibals that we are-devour our
Darkness, allowing hatred to be absorbed by love, the light of
the human race .

What shall we choose?

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