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What would Martin Luther King, Jr. think if he wandered
across Harlem or the South Bronx or East New York and
heard The N Word reverberating in the miasma?

What would he say to other Blacks or Hispanics or Caucasian
wannabe-Blacks who catapulted The N Word into the
oppressive wasteland they inhabited,

sharing its foul scent of degradation, the raw odors of human
debris-the soul-cutting, gnawing, bone-breaking stench of
vomit, feces, and urine of unknown dead civil rights heroes?

Yes, what would he think or say?

Today, The N Word permeates all the urban streets. It lives and
metastasizes in the ghetto and even the good neighborhoods
buttressed by hypocrisy and lies.

I do not understand.

We fought hard and long for civil rights. We dreamed of racial
equality and non-discrimination. And yet our children annihilate
the triumphs and beauty of our accomplishments

Beware! Topsy- turvy, upside-down, true-false, inside-outside,

Our children twist, contort, and distort the real meaning of the
gnarled word. They deny its foul, noxious history of violence.
Some older folks believe the lies too.

Believe me! The N Word ain’t pretty. It’s the brittle shell of
Humanity’s ancient hatred.

The N Word is our obliteration and annihilation, the end of
human life we dreamed of and envisioned for our children.

It is the beginning of the end-the apocalypse!

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