small revenge

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I don’t care about the metrics, the iambus
and the rhymes-I have read the classics and then
I put them back on their dusty shelves:
we write about something that comes from the guts
and the nails as the flowers outside

the poetry, can I say that I don’t care?

I prefer to drink alone in this room in front of
one candle
as the shadows in the corners sits and show us
their ugly faces,
ah, I know that the words are greater that we thought
and we will fall in their holes,
we will spill ourselves like ink upon the Chaucer’s paper:
let me be myself while I read the classics
let me be afraid in airplanes
let me be bored in churches
let me be silent before the tigers in my blood:
these words are too tuff for us to misspend them
just like the big boys during their time.

the rivers are flowing through me
and I burn like matchstick lighted by the words
of all Shakespeares …
and today I am closer to insanity,
I am watching the black birds on the wires,
waiting for our degradation,
for our small defeat while we walk upon the land of
Dylan and Frost, especially on the thin ice
of Frost

…find me one small torch,
not too big, just enough to set this night on fire
and I hear outside the young girls laugh
never heard about the hunger of Villon or the madness of Pound,
please feed me so good so I never again use their words,
let me find a little warmth,
allow me to find my sunflowers
shaking in the wind
and under the sun
and the God of the Word not Death.

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