Invocation for the Restless

by June 29, 2009 0 comments

The thing with growing is, it takes time.
Is there anything more painful
and exciting?

Faces to the sky looking up
asking, begging, on their knees praying
for the next satisfaction
a paycheck, a spanking, an event
a birth, a life, a phone call

Waiting to perceive, receive, believe
seems like we’re all in need
before the message is corrupted
channel soul speak
complete the incomplete
connect and re-member
Chant with the higher
mind soul
strip away the preconceived disbeliefs
Touch the god inside yourself
Wishing cheeks
Evolve from dust
Become the burning
Evolve from ashes
Blow away
Have a sky rebirth
Movement, rhythm,
Molecular rotation
Inner planet shrine
Energies enter acting
changing, merging
opening accepting
giving or receiving
There are many faces in the sky
looking back at us
their expressions
are clouds
they keep waiting
for that same answer
we’ve been hiding
with in our selves
restless searching
for meaning and reason
logical explanations
in concise packaging
with definitions and guidelines
nothing more than the
compulsive need
to label identity
and disregard energy
consciousness comes
from action
from the belief in action
cast your light laden nets
into the universe
shine and nurture growth
reach forward in generations
and create wonder
while all along you were dying
and beginning at the same time
existence believes in you
acceptance is what you deserve
reflection and introspection
powerful observation
spectrum of interpretation
Joy, Truth, Love
undeniable laws
deities that deserve
Language is the
reverberation of god
purified patient
waiting minds
third eye blessings
embrace the infinity messenger
show your self in the ten directions

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