Fragment Fist VS. 5-o’clock’s Tempest (A Need for Sleep)

by June 30, 2009 0 comments

Go gently—quite gladly to despair;
goodly disassembly. godly
wedding of fluster and meddling

go gently, paired, yoked &
yellowed with Lear’s near,
low, low shadow—You
under the glow of the skies hole
yodeling on white toilet bowls
to the moon going godly bright

Go outside, in spite of low light
starch the hide white & sleep snug
with null wolves:
tight lipped nannies
howling the sleepy moon to godly height

& gentleness of tempests missed.
low in lakes know the truth;
in wet righteousness, rest
xxxxxin-between the bees and pollen
xxxxxin-between the ants and sugar
xxxxxantennas and satellites,
xxxxxand none
xxxxxspends time with the butterfly
xxxxxin its short life. It goes with

xxxxxgentleness to any windshield
xxxxxa new day—wields comedy
xxxxxour moon—waning tragedy when
xxxxxwe stay—see it lone with…

miracles, hubcaps, words of God, Styrofoam,
snipped loins, caged lions, foreign comedies;
parking lots full of wheel-less ambulances;
unleashed canines chewing on paraplegics
fallen asleep during wheelies; A-cup Harpies
slamming glove compartments
packed with condoms; watching
lightning bolts fuck, with lips open
go gently—to sleep!

go with tragedy under the moon’s singing
with birds, in cages— gone gently…
leading Lear’s shadow, just for show.

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