Buddha’s Teeth

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The Buddha smiles
Thirty-two pearlies
Gleaming white

He is so far beyond
We cannot see
Such blinding light

And ancient princess
Set in motion
The obvious outcome
Of her devotion

So drawn to him
So captivated
His teeth
She prestidigitated

And placed within
A holy shrine
A silver door
She locked behind

The faithful come
The stone is polished
By devoted knees

The chants resound
Entreating Buddha
“Nirvana, please!”

Buddha had a great idea
“Just change the way
you think,” he said

His misguided followers
Made him into
God instead

Years went on
The message changed
The great idea
Was rearranged

How odd to see
It’s not the same
Marred by our whisper
‘Round the circle game

And so it goes
The Buddha muses
When all is one
Nobody loses

Think or pray
The wheel will turn
All the while

Gleaming white
Thirty-two pearlies
Buddha smiles

– MH Clay © 2002

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