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By hand, with nib and ink,
Delphi scribes a new New Testament.

Silently she says to herself,
Once upon a time…,

then begins to write a real story
about Lisa, the girl next door,

and the twelve women who meet
every Wednesday at noon

to discuss poetry and the meanings
written between the lines

and the best way to determine
if a man means I love you

or uses the words as a tool
to pry off a pair of tight jeans.

Delphi mentions the Factory
instead of Babylon, lists the names

of all the girls who take their clothes off
and all the men (& women) who pay

the price of this fidelity to attraction,
stimulation, desire carnal beauty.

She pens no allegory, no revelation,
nothing for the trashy tabloids.

She pens a gospel of her friends
so that they might be remembered,

might remember that they are important
like Abraham, Sarah & Hagar.

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