Not for Me

by May 5, 2009 0 comments

Not for me.
Don’t unwind
the jack from the box
or make the sky come apart
for no good reason,
I am not a daffodil,
or a lion,
or a see-saw.
I am not a streetlight
traffic accident
or bus stop,
I cannot decompose
concrete, I cannot
recite the alphabet,
or drink whiskey,
I don’t have
patience, I am not
worth doing,
not for me.

You can’t say
that’s not enough for me.
I am not too young
or too old;
I am not anything.
I am not a classroom
or a book,
I am not rainclouds,
raindrops, or sun.
I am not concise.

I am not baseball,
I am not a bicycle,
I am not binoculars,
a mountain range,
or a hole in the sky.

I am not
a strong military,
I am not a weak military,
I have no border
anywhere in this world,

I am not clothing.
I am not a car salesman
or a pellet pistol,
I am not a paper target.
I am not truth,
I am not untruth,
I am not here or there,
I have not ever,
nor have I not.

I am not a police
clash or a street
dancer. I don’t ride
telephone poles
or make thunder,
I am not blind,
but I don’t see.
Not me.

None of this for me
None of what is before me,
I am not the question
or the answer,
the solution
or the silence,
I am not a disco ball,
I don’t have two left feet,
skin or teeth,
I don’t have any legs–
I don’t have anywhere to go,

Nowhere not for me.

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