Life on Mars and Mimosas

by May 8, 2009 0 comments

Many people
often ponder the
question “Is there
life on Mars?”

And indeed,
that sort of question
can keep you
awake at night
scared that alien life forms
might be watching us
as we eat giant
spoonfuls of peanut
butter and watch
our HBO or Netflix

The greater question
“is there life on
Mars and do
these life forms enjoy
a good Mimosa
on Sunday morning?”
or Does the thought
of smoked salmon
turn their stomachs?
do they get stressed
out when someone
spells their name
wrong at the DMV?
as long
as they don’t go ‘postal’
they are fine with me


(From Melanie Browne’s latest book Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop by Erbacce Press)

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